A Surprise Wedding Ceremony | Opus Hotel

This was my first, and thus far only, surprise wedding ceremony!  What fun it was to write and conduct.  Long-time loves Deanne and Tom truly turned the proverbial tables on their family and friends.  So much so they decided they had better let their parents in on the surprise, for the sake of everyone’s health!

The premise for the gathering at the very chic Opus Hotel was a surprise birthday party for Tom.  Demonstrating a sweet streak of mischievousness, Deanne worked for months to have everyone convinced they were to attend a well-orchestrated and secret party.  Ssshh…don’t tell Tom!!!  On the appointed evening, the assembled guests were well and truly excited as they waited for Tom and Deanne to enter the beautifully decorated room.  What happened next was hilarious.

When the word “Surprise” erupted from the guests all dressed in their best party clothes, Deanne and Tom shouted, “SURPRISE!  WE’RE GETTING MARRIED!” right back at them!  Well, you can imagine the commotion. It took a while for everyone to settle down enough for us to hold the ceremony.

Their custom wedding ceremony was delightful and totally in keeping with the sense of warmth and fun Deanne and Tom wanted for their wedding day.  There were lots of touching moments, a few tears, and good-natured laughter too.

Joyfully yours, Celebrant Michele Davidson, Vancouver Wedding Officiant, Custom Wedding CeremoniesVancouver and Whistler BC.


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