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Talk about citizens of the world… Janice and Natalie are definitely the most global couple I’ve had the pleasure to marry so far!  Janice is originally from the land down under and Natalie from America.  It’s easy to see that they are soulmates, but governments don’t always see what the rest of us do!

Natalie and Janice met in Canada while both were here on work visas –they decided to make their home base in our beautiful country.  But first they had to wind their way through the immigration processes from their respective home countries!

Natalie and Janice are inspirational examples of what it means to truly commit to a relationship – to do whatever it takes to be together.

With Canadian citizenship finally complete for both – yay — Janice and Natalie were super excited to gather an intimate circle of dear family and friends for their marriage ceremony. The setting:  the picturesque park at Deep Cove.  We drew together in the shade under two huge cedars, with the ocean to the east and the North Shore mountains to the North.

At this same-sex wedding ceremony,the two brides were dressed in flowing white.  Natalie’s grandmother was there on her cool scooter, Women of Honour Bethany and Clare were calm and excited all at the same time, the couple’s dog ‘Baby’ was divinely attired in a garland of flowers… and everyone else was simply beaming!

After I had welcomed folks to the ceremonial space, I touched on how special this day was for Natalie and Janice given the long road they’d taken simply to be together in one place.

I weave people’s own words into their wedding ceremonies because as a Celebrant I believe it’s what they think and feel that is most important. In our lively interview, Janice and Natalie spoke about their hopes and dreams for their future together.  Something they said struck a chord with me.  I wish all people could live life like this:

“We want to live fully appreciating and valuing each other. To celebrate each day, to enjoy life, and to know it’s value.  People often forget this.  We want to always remember how incredibly lucky we are to have each other.”

Natalie and Janice.  I have faith that you do and always will celebrate each others uniqueness.  That you will taste the preciousness of your shared journey, each and every day. I look forward to watching you create a family out of your deep love and appreciation!

Joyfully yours,

Celebrant Michele Davidson, Vancouver Wedding Officiant, Custom Wedding Ceremonies Vancouver and Whistler

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