Do You Want to Get Married Today?

This spring, after nine wonderful years together, Meghan and Steve finally got engaged. They decided on a summer date, and plans were in the works for the wedding to be held at their favourite Whistler getaway.

Sadly, their plans would not unfold as they had hoped. In February, after living with cancer for several years, Meghan suddenly became very ill. Steve rushed her to hospital, not knowing what lay ahead. He certainly didn’t expect doctors to tell him that Meghan would need to be moved to palliative care.

At one point, their nurse, who had overheard conversations about a wedding plans quietly took Steve aside and whispered in his ear “do you want to get married today?” In a heartbeat, Steve said “yes.” Of course he wanted to get married. That’s exactly what he wanted to do that day. Steve made the announcement to everyone gathered, and they quickly put the wheels in motion to make it happen.

They raided the gift shop, buying up all the flowers and bought Tim Horton’s donuts to serve as the wedding cake. The wedding officiant arrived in the early afternoon. Meghan was sedated. Her eyes were closed, but she could hear. She knew exactly what was going on. The celebrant delivered a warm and tender ceremony in the presence of their closest family and friends.

Meghan and Steve were married at 1:00 in the afternoon. Meghan passed away that evening at 8:15. She was surrounded and embraced by love. Her family and her husband were calm, and she let go very, very peacefully.

I had the honour of being the Celebrant at Meghan’s Celebration of Life. I began creating the ceremony by interviewing Meghan’s family. They told me many wonderful stories and shared memories about her life and what a great person she was. When Steve told me the story of his marriage to Meghan, it sent shivers down my spine. I was so moved by his love for her, and how happy he was to be able to call her his wife, and to be known as her husband.

In all of my wedding ceremonies, I share the couple’s “love story.” At Meghan’s Celebration of Life, it was the first time I’d told a wedding love story at a memorial ceremony. It felt absolutely right, and Steve loved it. He wanted everyone to know that he and Meghan were deeply committed to each other, that they were husband and wife.

Funeral Celebrant Marcia Thomson



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