Christina and Wei’s Wedding Ceremony at Camp Fircom | Celebrant Style

I love being a Celebrant and wedding officiant because I get to tell stories! Real stories and folk tales. There is a wonderful tale from Chinese mythology whereby the Fatherly God in the Moon ties a red string around the ankles of a couple before they’re born so that wherever they start in life, they will eventually find each other and become inseparable. I am pretty darned certain that is what happened with Wei and Christina!

Their paths from the time they were babies were intertwined, though they didn’t know it. Both were born in the same province in China, in modest circumstances with hardworking parents and scholarly dads. Their families independently made their way to Canada, and to Calgary, where Wei and Christian had back-to-back piano lessons as kids. Though they weren’t friends, Wei always remembered the girl who was both younger and better at piano. And evidence that the red thread was growing ever tighter, their family homes were within sight of each other. Extraordinarily, NONE of this they knew until January 2007 when Christina came into the lab at University of Calgary where Wei was preparing for medical school. Christina looked at Wei, and immediately thought he looked familiar but couldn’t figure out why until they started telling stories and making connections.

That invisible red thread began its final journey…

The wedding ceremony was a celebration of their story, their enduring love, their creative personalities AND their parents.  I had the couple share with me their parents’ remarkable immigrant stories.  Wow… they wrote me long beautiful letters about it.  I cried when I read about the hardships and sacrifices, but also the optimism and perseverance.  The Parental Honouring part of Christina and Wei’s ceremony was incredibly special.

It was SUCH an honour to collaborate with Christina and Wei on their wedding ceremony and to be their wedding officiant. Their wedding ceremony was the centrepiece of their wedding weekend at Camp Fircom on Gambier Island, BC.  What a place to have a wedding. Like summer camp for grownups.  I loved this wedding and will be dreaming about it for years!

— Celebrant Michele Davidson


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