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My First Acting Gig Since High School

In mid-March, two lovely women came out from New York with their best gal pals to spend a winter holiday in Whistler. Mary Beth and Christine had known each other since they were kids, had been a couple for about 15 years, and had been engaged for nearly two years.

Mary Beth was confident in knowing that Christine wanted to marry her. Since they were coming to Whistler anyway, Mary Beth decided that it would be a great time for them to [finally] tie the knot.  Friends Marci and Kelly were advised of the plan, and were thrilled with their promotion from being best gal pals to being Best Gals and witnesses.

Mary Beth’s next great decision was to get in touch with Rachael Lythe, of Sea to Sky Celebrations in Whistler, to help her plan the wedding. Rachael contacted Pascale of Gadbois Photography, one of her favourite photographers, and her favourite wedding officiant team, Modern Celebrant, to create and perform the weddceremony. I was the lucky one who was available for that day.

The only person that knew nothing of the wedding plans was Christine.

What followed were a couple of weeks of high intrigue. Secret phone calls took place; plans were made and the ceremony was written.   Since the wedding was taking place on Rainbow Mountain, Blackcomb Helicopter Tours became part of the team.

On the day of the wedding, Pascale and I were the first ones to meet in the waiting room; she with her fancy cameras stashed in her backpack, and me with the ceremony in mine. Shortly after the New Yorkers arrived, I met Rachael in the parking lot, where we loaded two bridal bouquets and a small banner into my backpack. Then we went into the waiting room, where the acting gig began in earnest. We chatted about where we were all from; Rachael explaining that she was giving me a tour for the day, talking about what sites they had seen in Whistler; the weather (which had been terrible but was fabulous that day.) You name it, we chatted about it.

Finally, it was time to get on the helicopter. Just six gals and a pilot off for a tour of the spectacular scenery around Whistler. Complying with Rachael’s well thought- out instructions, we made sure that the two brides sat in the front seat. During the trip, I surreptitiously passed the banner along to Marci. Upon landing, Mary Beth and Christine got out of the helicopter on the right hand side, and Marci and Kelly got out on the left. Pascale and I were just responsible for gaping at the fabulous scenery. (That part didn’t require much acting.)

While Mary Beth distracted Christine, the Best Gals unfurled the banner, which said “Will you marry me?” When they turned around, Christine saw the banner and looked at Mary Beth, and said “Of course I’ll marry you.” To which Mary Beth replied, “Right now?” Christine shot her a quizzical look, and then Mary Beth pointed to me. I waved, smiled, and shrugged my shoulders.

A simple, touching wedding ceremony in the midst of pristine snow, blue skies and breathtaking scenery. Lots of laughing and joking; friends old and new creating memories together. Christine asserting that we had totally “got her”. The pilot acting as our signing table. Pascale taking some very creative shots, including two snow angel brides clutching their bouquets (Photo credit Gadbois Photography). And when we returned to the heliport, Rachael waiting with chilled champagne.

It was fabulous from beginning to end. I was proud to be Canadian; proud of Canada’s liberal gay marriage stance, and very proud to a part of the excellent team that Rachael put together to make Mary Beth’s dream come true.

Wedding Celebrant Janis Horne



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