Different than other Wedding Officiants

Time for Individual Reflection:

Over the years I’ve developed a reflective process that is one of the signature elements of collaborating with me. Seemingly simple questions that are designed to help you express what lies within. Not perfect words but real, honest words. This helps me get to know each of you as individuals. You work on them at your own pace, with lots of time, and send them to me in the way that suits you best.

Getting to Know you as a Couple:

Another part of my creative process is to get together with the two of you for a relaxed in-person interview. It can be at your place or mine, and sometimes I even cook for you! I listen deeply to you, drawing out the most compelling threads of the experiences and feelings you share with me. My gift as a ceremonial writer and storyteller is to weave your words and feelings into the tapestry that will be your wedding ceremony.

Blowing the ‘Same-Old Same-Old’ out of the Water:

Modern Celebrant’s ceremonies are the complete opposite of mass-produced.  I don’t go anywhere near cookie cutter or template ceremonies. Whether it’s in the readings we choose together, the rituals I research and design for you based on your cultural or faith backgrounds, the stories we share, the way we talk about the connection you have with each other, and how we engage your family and friends in the experience — All of it, every word, written for you.

Who do I work best with?

The couples who are drawn to these one-of-a-kind wedding ceremony experiences are couples who want their first step into marriage to be powerfully experienced and collectively remembered. Couples of ALL orientations who value living and thinking outside the box. Whether a ballet dancer, artist, lawyer, boutique hotel owner, cardiovascular surgeon, celebrity chef,  community lawyer, film director, or overseas aid worker  — they share a desire to live a deeper and more meaningful life. (Yes, those are real clients!)

Just 20 – 30 Labours of Love per Year: 

I accept a small number of Wedding Ceremony Commissions each year to make sure every ceremony is a profound expression of the real couple it is crafted for. Creating ceremonial celebrations of such depth is one of the greatest joys of my life. I choose to work with remarkable people who believe in the lasting value of a wedding ceremony created for and about them.


May this be helpful. May it inspire you to find a wedding officiant who will manifest the wedding of your dreams.

Michele Davidson,

Master Celebrant & Seeker of Meaning

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