How romantic! Emily and Michael’s Chinese Wedding Ceremony

Working with the Asian community on custom wedding ceremonies is a truly wonderful experience. There is such an admirable sense of family and connection that is missing in many cultures today.

When Emily and Michael met with me nearly a year ahead (Emily is a masterful planner), I was so excited that they picked me to tell their love story and help them enter the path of marriage.

The church looked lovely and had a grand aisle for the beautiful Emily to walk down with her father T.K.  He gently pulled back his daughter’s veil before shaking Michael’s hand.  And then Emily and Michael were on their way up the steps.  They looked like film stars!  The sight sort of took my breath away for a moment!

The guests loved that Emily and Michael’s wedding ceremony was different than many other weddings and had so many special elements. “So romantic!” is what many people said afterwards.

Family is an important part of Emily and Michael’s lives.  It made the wedding ceremony even more meaningful to have their mothers Terry and Lily join us for a candlelight ceremony, and Emily’s friend Pastor Lowe  say a blessing in both Cantonese and English.  While we signed the Marriage Register, the couple’s friends  and cousins Kitty and Janet sang and played on the piano a song written especially for Emily and Michael for their wedding day.

Well, Emily and Michael all that you’ve hoped and dreamed of, all that you’ve worked so hard for has come true.  Now you are married. Now you are husband and wife.  I envision you in your new home, surrounded by the happy laughter of friends and family.  What’s next for you I wonder?
Joyfully yours,

Celebrant Michele Davidson, Vancouver Wedding Officiant, Custom Wedding Ceremonies Vancouver and Whistler BC

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