Radha and Daniel’s Forest Wedding | Seymour Demonstration Forest

daniel and Radha 1Okay, I admit it.  Sometimes I cry during wedding ceremonies. The look on Daniel’s face when Radha walked through the forest towards him was certainly one of these!  Radha looked like a forest sprite.  Daniel’s eyes filled up and so did mine.

Radha and Daniel chose a spot in the Seymour Forest Reserve to hold their custom wedding ceremony.  One of Radha’s sisters handed out bubbles to each guest as they entered the forested ceremonial space.  The ground was sprinkled with red rose petals, and the majestic cedars needed no other adornment.

After I had welcomed guests and spoke about what Radha and Daniel had shared with me the ceremony and marriage meant to them, Madhavi (Radha’s sister) read an amazing poem that the couple had selected.

It is called Blessing for a Marriage by James Dillet Freeman.  What a striking and deeply relevant piece.   I encourage you to Google this poem.  It’s a great wedding choice!

I often like to share with wedding guests the couple’s proposal story. Let me share this part of their wedding ceremony with you, dear reader.

“It was Valentine’s Day 2008, and they had just finished eating a wonderful dinner they had cooked together at home. Daniel told Radha he had a small Valentine’s Day present for her, and brought out a gift bag with a nicely wrapped little box in it.  When Radha opened it, there lay a beautiful diamond ring.

Radha says, “I just looked at him, trying to mask my delight in case it wasn’t actually an engagement ring.” She took the ring out of the box and was going to put it on, but Daniel stopped her and said “Wait, it’s an engagement ring!  Shouldn’t I get down on one knee?”  Radha said, “Oh yeah!” and quickly put it back in its case and gave it back to him.

Here’s what Radha says happened next, “Daniel had such a lovely, touching speech, and his voice was shaking. It was so sweet and perfect… he said “I don’t know where life is going to take us, I just know that I want to spend the rest of mine with you.”  And then he asked me if I would marry him. I just couldn’t stop smiling and said ‘Yes!’   I felt so thrilled and joyful.  It was a perfect experience, and very reflective of us.”

Radha and Daniel each wrote their own wedding and ring vows.  What a gift to treasure. I really admired how diligently they must have worked to memorize their vows… It was so important to them to look into one another’s eyes while they spoke their lifelong promises.  Now I KNOW that I wasn’t the only one crying at this point.

Time stands still in moments like these.  True love does exist.  It reaches out to all present.  We forget about the not-so-great things happening in the world, and in these gentle moments we touch our humanity and awaken our collective belief in love.

Radha and Daniel, I hope that many long years from now, you’ll still be found strolling hand-in-hand as in love as you are today!

Joyfully yours,

Celebrant Michele Davidson, Vancouver Wedding Officiant, Custom Wedding Ceremonies Vancouver and Whistler

** Photo by Vancouver Wedding Photographer Cora Henderson of Cora’s Photography.

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