In Her Mother’s Garden

I loved getting to know Sarah and Jeff, and I loved being their Wedding Celebrant. During one of our conversations – when we were imagining how their ceremony would look and feel – I asked Sarah and Jeff to tell me a bit about their wedding venue. What they told me was unexpected and very moving. Their story lodged in my heart and deeply affected the custom wedding ceremony I created.

When Sarah and Jeff began planning their wedding, one of the first steps was to find a venue. They weren’t guided by an opulent vision, but Sarah knew the “feeling” she wanted. On her wedding day, Sarah wanted to be embraced by the beauty of nature, and she wanted the wedding space to feel “loving.” Jeff agreed wholeheartedly!

From Pemberton to Vancouver, Sarah explored some of the most beautiful wedding venues this region has to offer. Verdant small-scale organic farms. Breathtaking mountain landscapes. Exquisitely tended botanical gardens. Tranquil ocean-side beaches.

While she appreciated the beauty of every location, something was missing. It was the love – the heart of the place. For whatever reason, that intangible quality was of utmost importance to Sarah and she wasn’t finding it even the most spectacular natural settings.

Feeling slightly discouraged, Sarah asked her father for his ideas. “Why not hold it here…at home…in our garden,” he suggested. “Of course” she thought, “that’s exactly where it should be!”

In the garden of her childhood home, Sarah found the special feeling she was looking for.

You see, Sarah was raised by a mother who was a master gardener. For several years as Sarah was growing up, she watched her mother pour her imagination, botanical wisdom and immense physical energy into the creation of a gorgeous garden surrounding the family home.

Tragically, her mother died when Sarah was in her late teens. As the planning for her wedding unfolded, Sarah realized that the loving feeling she’s been seeking was really a longing for her mom. In her mother’s garden, Sarah could feel the love she was looking for. It was a way for her mother to be with her, and for Sarah to feel surround by her love, on her wedding day.


Wedding Celebrant Marcia Thomson

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