In Praise of LIVE music at the Wedding Ceremony

This summer, I have been delighted to discover that two of my wonderful couples had hired live musicians to play at their wedding ceremony.   The magic that these musicians create for a wedding day should never be underestimated or taken for granted.

Whether it’s guitar, piano, cello or violin, the rich tones of live music have a soothing effect, and bring us into the present in a very real way. Every note, chord or tune is unique to the moment in which it is being played. The tone of the instrument, the touch of the musician, the ring of the notes will never again be repeated. It is the perfect, soulful accompaniment to the distinctive quality of a Celebrant led wedding ceremony.

It’s important to remember that musicians bring many years of musical education and diligent practice to their wedding performance. They are frequently required to spend time preparing and practicing entirely new tunes that accommodate the dreams and wishes of the bridal couple. Like Wedding Celebrants, musicians are constantly honing their professional skills to provide a moving experience for the couple and those with whom they have chosen to share their love.

On a more practical level, it’s wonderful to work with musicians during a ceremony because they are sensitive to the needs of the moment. If the bride is delayed due to a wardrobe malfunction, no problem! Musicians can add another verse or chorus, or simply evolve into another song. When the couple comes together at the end of the Wedding Processional, somehow the music gently fades out in perfect time, leaving the notes hanging in the air along with the sweet sense of excitement and expectancy that always marks the beginning of a wedding.

I have huge respect for my musical colleagues. Their gift of live music is touching, ephemeral and fleeting, and it makes the world a more magical place.

Modern Celebrant has MANY connections in the musical world. We are happy to pass along names to our couples so you too can go live!

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