Interfaith Wedding Ceremonies Matter

In the lower mainland’s increasingly diverse population, a great many couples are marrying a partner not of the same faith or culture. As wedding celebrants and interfaith chaplains, we serve these couples by helping them to honour both backgrounds in a way that is mutually inclusive.

While we do not perform formally religious rituals that are the exclusive purview of a rabbi, imam, priest etc, there are many cultural traditions that may be integrated into an interfaith wedding ceremony. These are often extremely important to parents. A Chuppah, Sofreh, Handjoining, Candle lighting, Glass Breaking, Ring Blessing, Circling, Wine Blessing, Sugar Rubbing… these are just some of the many wedding customs that can suit an interfaith couple.

We often find that for these men and women, the ceremony is THE most important part of their wedding day. A lot is at stake. Couples want to please both sets of parents but also hold in their own hearts the traditions of their respective families. And to do it as authentically as possible.

The Modern Celebrant gals are inter-traditional wedding officiants, meaning that our area of study and service allows us to help our couples and their guests connect to the heart and spirit in the ways that they themselves find to be most meaningful.

The attached image is Modern Celebrant founder, Michele Davidson (who is a Buddhist chaplain ordained to serve in what she calls interbeing and interfaith ways) officiating a ceremony that blended Jewish and Persian wedding customs. She worked with the couple in the months before the ceremony in a reflective way that allowed them to unlock personal and familial meaning for their wedding ceremony. They were married under a Chuppah the Jewish wedding canopy, before a traditional Sofreh, Persian marriage spread, created by the bride’s mother.

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