Lisa & Brent’s Ceremony at the Rosewood Hotel Georgia

Gotta say… I heart working with couples who know who they are, honour this, and truly SHINE it OUT!

Lisa and Brent were awesome to collaborate wtih and simply to be with. Those two have fabulous energy.  It ws a highlight of my year to have them share their hearts with me so I could craft a totally custom wedding ceremony that was both beautiful and quirky!

To give you a written portrait of this wonderful couple… This is how they described themselves… (Lisa) – a fun and high-energy woman who’s sometimes blunt, sometimes forgetful, sometimes opinionated but always loyal. (Brent) – a fun-loving guy who has always loved to push the rules…and occasionally, people’s buttons. He’s as comfortable in a suit as he is in a tool-belt.

Totally admired Lisa and Brent’s ability to be themselves… before, during, and after their ceremony! Their custom wedding ceremony was a celebration of the love that exists between them. It was also their chance to honour the love they hold for their amazing and extraordinarily tightly-knit community of friends and family. They simply couldn’t imagine getting married without the people they love present. “Our family and friends are what we cherish most in life. So while “eloping” had a nice ring to it, being married in front of the people we love and respect will give our vows the significance they deserve.”

In the beautiful ballroom of the Rosewood Hotel Georgia, before the people they cherish most in life, I shared their own lovely words with each other. “Brent, with you I finally feel like I belong and that I’m home; something I didn’t know I was even looking for until I found you. +  Lisa, I love you and I officially decree a life long commitment to taking out the garbage, checking your car’s fluid levels, keeping your tires at their optimal pressure, unclogging drains, and bringing in all the firewood necessary to keep you warm.”

What a gift to get this note from Brent after the ceremony:

“Michele, You rocked that ceremony big time!!! Lisa and I couldn’t have asked for more and are over the moon with joy.”

Hats off to the fab wedding vendor team:

Vancouver and Whistler’s award winning wedding officiant Michele Davidson of Modern Celebrant works with newly engaged couples to create transformational and totally custom wedding ceremonies. She helps couples expand their vision of their ceremony AND their engagement. It’s a one-in-a-lifetime folks… make it sing!!! Email Michele at for Vancouver + Whistler wedding ceremonies.  She also travels internationally for weddings! Bali anyone?



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