Louise and David’s Custom Weddng Ceremony | Brew Creek Lodge

David and Louise’s wedding took place on a stunning afternoon at Whistler’s Brew Creek Lodge. One of those hot September days where summer hasn’t yet turned on her heels.

In the months prior to their wedding, I enjoyed getting to know Louise and David. Throughout the interview and reflection process it was clear that each adored the other for who they truly are. I had such a strong sense of their complete and utter confidence in one another. So it wasn’t a surprise at all to find them so at ease in the moments before the ceremony.

And during the ceremony, the way Louise and David looked at each other made me catch my breath a couple of times. David’s expression when he first saw Louise in her lovely gown, well, I thought I might not be able to speak for a moment. I never fail to be moved when I know that a couple has done the hard work to build a strong foundation for a deeply intimate marriage.

I think that is why I put so much into creating my ceremonies. The wonderful people who find their way to me are those who truly understand that their ceremony is not a hoop to jump through. This was very much the case with Louise and David.

They wanted their ceremony to be an expression of their innermost feelings, hopes, and dreams. To be symbolic of the intent with which they begin the next part of their journey together.

Louise and David taught me about the concept of ohana, which is the Hawaiian word for family. This is why I included a family ritual in their ceremony. After the vows had been spoken and the Marriage Register signed, I welcomed both mothers to come forward to join Louise and David for a heartfelt candle lighting ceremony.

You can see the warmth of these moments in Jennifer Echols‘ beautiful photos, which I’ve attached.

Joyfully yours,

Celebrant Michele Davidson, Wedding Officant, Vancouver and Whistler

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