Love in the Fullness of Time

As the wedding season draws to a close, I find myself thinking about “my” couples – the wondrous variety of their relationships, the stories of how they met, their hopes for the future; their generous expressions of love for each other.

It seems that Modern Celebrant draws couples with a mature understanding of what they are really doing when they make the decision to marry. These are the couples for whom the ancient ceremony of marriage is the highlight of their wedding day, not just a necessary prelude to the party. Some of these couples are young, with their whole lives ahead of them, filled with excitement for their careers, their homes and the families they intend to create – together.  Other couples arrive at the altar with a whole lifetime of experience. It is those couples to whom I am devoting this blog.

These are the couples that, independent of each other, have already had full lives. They have lived with joy and laughter, tragedy and hurt. They may or may not have children; they have friends and siblings and often parents with whom their new partner will have to share time. They are accustomed to making their own decisions, plotting their own course. It is fascinating to note that those seemingly inconsequential decisions are the ones that inevitably led them to each other.

I love and respect these couples because they have chosen to once again open their hearts to love. They have chosen to risk. They have chosen change. They desire to continue to help each other to grow and evolve, whether together or apart. They have empathy and compassion for each other as they work through life’s inevitable ups and downs. They don’t expect each other to be perfect.

And there is gratitude – for the miracle that allowed them to find each other, the unexpected warm embrace, the generosity of spirit; the “I” that has become “we”. These couples will not take one another for granted.  And, best of all, their delight in this unexpected gift that life has given them, shines through everything that they do for each other and say to each other. It’s inspiring, always makes me very happy with my decision to become a Celebrant.

Celebrant Janis Horne

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