Michelle and Ryan got hitched on Burnaby Mountain

Sarah Bernhardt once said, “Your words are my food, your breath my wine – you are everything to me.”

These two young people are everything to each other. They are each other’s food. They are each other’s wine. Togehandfastingther, they have everything they need.”

Those were my opening words for Michelle and Ryan’s custom wedding ceremony. I felt that the Bernhardt quote suited them wonderfully.  Plus Michelle is a wine rep, so it was even more perfect.

And hey, check out the setting on Burnaby Mountain for their wedding ceremony!  The mountains in the background, totem poles paying tribute to the ceremonial space…  wow!  What you don’t see in the photo is how the guests were arrayed on the grassy hillside.

I had a lot of fun learning about Michelle and Ryan during our meetings. At our interview, they regaled me with stories about some of their adventures.  From epic road trips, bug infested camping trips, trying fine wines or cooking new recipes, I could really see that this is a couple that knows how to have fun together. It was touching to see the depth of their devotion to family and friends, and their passion for life in general.

But I digress…back to the wedding ceremony!

As a seal upon their vows, Ryan and Michelle wanted to have a handfasting. The intention is literally to hold the hands fast… to hold the hands securely.  This lovely wedding tradition is dates back to the days before wedding rings.  The couple’s hands were wrapped with ribbon or cloth as an acknowledgment of the binding of their lives together.

I guided Michelle and Ryan through the handfasting using a length of ivory silk. These were truly beautiful moments and I’m thrilled their photographer got such a great shot!

Joyfully yours,

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