Interfaith Jewish Wedding Ceremonies

Are you a Jewish Bride and your fiancé is not?  Or a Jewish Groom with a non-Jewish Bride? Many interfaith couples struggle to find the right wedding officiant to create and perform a wedding ceremony that honours both their backgrounds.  You see, very few Rabbis in Canada will perform wedding ceremony with Jewish wedding customs, when one party is not Jewish.  This often causes distress for couple and/or the parents of the Bride or Groom, which then trickles down to the couple.  Stepping into this void lately are officiants who say they perform interfaith Jewish wedding ceremonies.

But there is a LOT more to a Jewish wedding ceremony than simply performing the ceremony under a Chuppah!

Modern Celebrant founder and award winning wedding celebrant Michele Davidson has great respect for religious and cultural traditions and rituals. Her ceremonial practice is highly regarded among Celebrants in Canada, the United States, and the UK for divining what is universal between seemingly different faiths and cultures.  She finds the human part of ritual, the part that everyone can understand and relate to.

Because a focus of her training as an interfaith Celebrant has been Jewish wedding traditions, Celebrant Michele has been called upon by many Jewish families to perform wedding ceremonies that honour Jewish wedding customs but are inclusive of ALL guests.  Michele artfully weaves such traditions as the meaning of the Chuppah, Circling, Wine Sharing Rituals, Vows in Hebrew and English, the Ketubah, and of course the always fun Breaking of the Glass — in a way that everyone present finds meaningful.

The lovely thing about Jewish wedding traditions is that when thoughtfully presented, they are at their core community based, inclusively resonant.

Next steps

If you are a couple where one of you is Jewish, either formally or culturally, and the other is not please know that YOU HAVE OPTIONS beyond a strictly civil (and standardized) Marriage Commissioner service.  Our ceremonies will make the two of you happy as well as your families. Celebrant Michele Davidson happily offers complimentary consultations so you can understand and explore possibilities. Call her at 604-992-4217 or Request an Appointment.

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