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On November 27, Modern Celebrant’s founder and principal Celebrant, Michele Davidson, was recognized at the BC Wedding Industry Awards in Vancouver. A panel of judges bestowed the award for Best Wedding Officiant for her same-sex intercultural/interfaith wedding ceremony.  Right from the very moment her name was called, Michele believed that the award must be rightly shared with her wonderful couples, past and present.   Here’s the letter Celebrant Michele sent to her clients about the beautiful collaborative nature of her work:

Being with couples at such a special and transformative time in your life is an immense privilege. It’s so great to collaborate with people who see beyond the external (and admittedly pretty) details to the true essence of the wedding day: The human heart.

The internal emotional preparation for marriage is very important but frequently forgotten. My wonderful couples validate that there are others who know its worth. Modern Celebrant Ceremonies are collaborations, the interweaving of your personal narrative with time-honoured tradition and ritual. I don’t manifest these special ceremonies alone! The magic happens when you open your hearts to me, and share your stories, hopes and dreams. Being trusted in this way has been, and continues to be, is a great gift in my own life.

And so, I share this award with you. Without you, and other couples like you, I could not live and breathe ceremony the way I do. If you are a past couple, thank you for being my inspiration and also for helping me to grow into my craft. If you are an upcoming couple, I look forward to you being my muse. Thank you once again!



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