Our Wedding Officiants know

For me, the most profoundly satisfying aspect of being a Celebrant and Wedding Officiant is creating a comfortable emotional space for people to connect with one another.

At a wedding ceremony I performed recently, I welcomed the guests with the idea that “weddings are all about connection – of our bride and groom certainly – but also for all of you. Because of this marriage, two families will have a new bond; relatives will have a chance to spend quality time together; new friendships will be made and old ones rekindled. This group of loved ones will, likely, never be together in the same place again. Today is a day like no other.” 

I invited all of those present to celebrate their gratitude for this extraordinary event by turning to the people around them – people they knew or that they didn’t know yet – and hug them, shake their hands, or high five or whatever they wished….The tsunami of connection that resulted was absolutely breathtaking. It began with people turning to the ones they loved, but quickly spread so that the entire room was bathed in a glow of love and affection. The bride and groom and I watched in amazement as the network of people they loved connected with each other in such an authentic and human way. It was almost like they had all been waiting for the invitation to form bonds with each other.

In this atmosphere of love from their community of family and friends, we began the wedding. Later, when asked to pledge their support of the couple in good times and bad, they answered with one clear, unified voice “We do!” It was a wonderful, heartwarming experience, and I don’t think anyone present will ever forget it. I know I won’t.







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