Proposal Stories: A real guy who didn’t need a Proposal Planner

I was dismayed to read a recent article in the Globe and Mail about Proposal Planning. It seemed to me to be evidence of the growing commercialization of weddings. So I thought I’d share about a real guy who popped the question by making a heartfelt proposal he thought of all by himself.  I have many other stories like this thanks to the cool grooms I’ve worked with over the years. Here is Samuel’s story:

Samuel remembers, “We had just moved into our new place and it was approaching our 10 year anniversary of meeting each other. Sarah knew I was going to propose sometime but had no idea of when or how. On july 5th, I took the day off work and made a slide show of our photos that I could show on the TV screen. Then I put on my suit, laid a trail of rose petals, and waited.”

Sarah takes up the story on what happened next, “I came home from work and saw Samuel sitting on the couch in a suit.  This was in early July and it was really hot! He was sweating bullets! He showed me an amazing slide show of photos from our ten years together and at the end he proposed. But before he even got a chance to finish I screamed, “YES”.  We started hugging and jumping around in a circle. It was one of the best days of my life.”

Don’t you think it speaks volumes about the sincerity of Samuel’s intention that he willingly put on a suit that sweltering day in July? Proposals really don’t need to be fancy. Think honest and vulnerable.

By Celebrant Michele Davidson, Master Celebrant & Seeker of Meaning



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