Ellie and Kirk’s totally-them custom ceremony at Whistler’s Edgewater Lodge

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Meet Ellie and Kirk. Aficionados of Fluevog… Unique soles for unique souls. Yep. These two are unique souls for sure and they wanted their entire wedding day to reflect their personalities. Including their custom Wedding Ceremony. They knew they wanted a Wedding Celebrant, did a search and found Modern Celebrant.

It was love at first sight for me when I met Ellie and Kirk. What a fun experience to vision a wedding ceremony for this hipster couple. They definitely did not want just a pretty ceremony, with rituals and words that looked and sounded nice but were empty of meaning.  A “Boring same-old, same-old” wedding ceremony wouldn’t have suited them AT ALL!

Ellie and Kirk wanted what I am passionate about creating… a wedding ceremony created from the inside, from the heart — through reflection and learning. This thoughtful open-hearted couple shared thoughtful words with me about their vision for their wedding day. They wanted it to “…be a day to savour. A day to slow things down and let everyone who shares our wedding day take stock of the love in their own lives and realize how important they are to us.” For Kirk and Ellie it was also a chance to stamp a certain point in time and say, “This is the one I love. This is US showing our community how much we mean to each other!”

Day of the rain stopped for the ceremony and we were able to do it outside on the lawn beside the lake. We began with a ring warming where the rings were passed among guests to each hold for a moment and offer their silent wish for Ellie and Kirk’s marriage.

The signature piece of Modern Celebrant ceremonies is storytelling. It is the personal narrative, the story of the couple, that makes our ceremonies such deeply felt experiences. Ellie and Kirk’s wedding ceremony was fun for guests. It was a little chilly that day but no one minded a bit because they loved hearing about how and who the couple are together… about their adventures, their hopes, and their dreams.

Once the rings had been ‘warmed’ by friends and family during the storytelling, I shared Ellie and Kirk’s own words about what the wedding rings mean to them and what they hoped these would come to mean over time. The tenderness with which they placed the rings on each others fingers is a moment I will always remember.

As for rituals, I integrated two others into the ceremony. We did a simple Handfasting with a long length of white silk that I use just for this purpose. It is imbued with the loving intentions of many couples. Did you know it is from Handfasting that we come to use the expression, “To tie the knot”?  Well, now you do!

We also included the mothers by having a gifting of salt to the couple. Historically salt was of great worth and cost.  As such it was used to seal contracts and covenants, including wedding covenants. In many cultures it was traditional for each family to give a gift of salt, both containers were then mingled and used as the spice of life in the married couple’s kitchen.Since this couple are such avid chefs, this was a perfectly relevant ritual to include. I just know they’ll put the salt to good use in all those delicious meals they love so much.

I loved this ceremony! It was as real and honest and adventurous as the couple it was crafted for. That the rain stopped in time for the ceremony, and began again soon afterwards, was a blessing for sure!

Like all Michele’s wedding couples, Ellie and Kirk worked through Modern Celebrant’s Reflective Process in the months prior to their wedding. Partly self-guided and partly done in person with Michele, this allows Michele to know the couple as individuals and as a couple before she creates a wedding ceremony especially for them.

gadbois photography




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