A Stunning Whistler wedding ceremony for Shayna & David | Celebrant Style

I Salute the power of Facebook.  It can lead random strangers down the path to the Marriage!

Being a Whistler wedding officiant is some kind of good.  I get to hear all kinds of stories and tell them too!  Here’s a good one that all started with Facebook. From a mutual friend, Shayna had heard about a curious fellow named David who did unusual things for a young man, like renting a villa in Italy. Turns out David had a big party planned in Vancouver on the same night she was planning an equally big party of her own across the water on Vancouver Island. Optimistically Shayna contacted him via Facebook hoping to encourage him to change his night, or, even better, combine his party with hers. Mutual friends were involved and she wanted them at HER party.

Neither changed their plans, but they did keep talking. By the time their respective parties took place, they had talked on the phone a LOT, but had never actually met. Life shifted for both of them on May 18th, 2012 when David came to Vancouver Island to meet Shayna. And in that mysterious indefinable way that has provided fodder for poets for centuries — They just clicked.  And then they found me! So honoured to have them ask me to be their wedding celebrant and give their wedding ceremony true celebrant storytelling style!

Two years after the Facebook meeting, friends and family from across the globe converged for Shayna and David’s glamorous (and super fun) Whistler wedding.   The sky was what we call ‘bluebird’ here. But even the bright sun couldn’t outshine Shayna’s beauty.  She really was a radiant bride. Park goers who saw her descend from the limo and make her way to the ceremony area, erupted in spontaneous cheers!  So sweet.  I was a puddle by the time she and David finished making their very personal and touching vows to each other. We closed with a colourful Sand Ceremony that included their son Ezra. A family memory to carry into their future.

Much love to these two special people.  They are going to have an AMAZING life!!!

— Celebrant Michele Davidson


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