Storytelling is at the heart of a Celebrant ceremony

Your love story is our inspiration. Maybe it’s simple and maybe it’s complicated with many breakups and years apart. Maybe there are children involved or maybe your parents don’t approve. Whatever the components are it’s your story and everyone’s story is a miracle.

As an officiant and professional Celebrant here at Modern Celebrant, I listen, ask questions, and prompt you to reflect upon your love. What brought you together, what you hopes you have for the future. We talk about the ordinary and the extraordinary pieces of your life as a couple. This is the fertile ground that inspires your wedding ceremony. Summoning my extraordinary skills in writing, ceremony and storytelling I craft your authentic, unique and personal ceremony.

The questions I ask are simple “Tell me when you knew this person was for you, tell me about the proposal, what do you love about one another?” These are the tools I use as your storyteller. Good storytelling highlights what is unique to you and your beloved. We connect to the universal truths in your story. I want to know who you are, so we can animate your love and your vision for your life together. The words I use aren’t stuffy nor are they sappy or overtly sentimental.

Like listening to any good story your guests will laugh, and they will cry. Hopefully, they will head off to your reception talking about your story and feeling honoured to have been a witness to your wedding. Your beloved friends and family love hearing your story. They may remember parts of your journey. They may have cheered you on, or listened endlessly. Or maybe they were there when you wanted to walk away from the relationship. They may be reminded of their own relationships. They feel a deep sense of connection and commitment to your marriage.

Years from now, they will talk about the day with warmth and goodwill. Hearing your story told aloud will transform your wedding day. Everyone will feel embraced by the love that is so present at a wedding.

Everyone loves a good story – why not tell yours.
—  Lisa Hartley, for Modern Celebrant


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