The Best Dog

When you get married, you want those you love to be present. Could that include your dog?

For Kath and Dave there was no question about it! Along with their daughter, Sarah, the family’s beloved pooch Tango joined them at the altar.   Outfitted in his own miniature cowboy hat and vest for Kath and Dave’s western-themed wedding, Tango trotted up the aisle and took his place of honour, as Best Dog.

He looked adorable and behaved impeccably! I must admit that I was a bit concerned about having a dog at the altar during the wedding ceremony. Would he bark…growl…or get anxious? I didn’t want focus taken away from the bride and groom by a restless dog. Kath assured me that Tango could handle it. She knows her dog well, and she was absolutely right. Tango was perfectly well-behaved, calmly taking in the sights and sounds around him as the ceremony proceeded. Tango’s presence made Kath, Dave and Sarah feel complete on their wedding day. Tango is a member of their family and something would have been missing if he hadn’t been there.

I confess that I’m also a dog person. I can completely understand why people would want their precious pet to be part of such an important occasion. That said, as an officiant, I wouldn’t always recommend it! You’d have to be very certain that your canine family member was calm, cool and collected. There’s no way my whacky Bernese Mountain Dog, Maggie, would sit quietly though a wedding ceremony, much as I’d love to have her there.

Dogs are the most amazing creatures. They are role models for living in the way they give and receive love so freely and unconditionally. And, after all, isn’t that what weddings are all about!


Wedding Celebrant Marcia Thomson – for Modern Celebrant

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