The Couple Visioning Box: Making Engagement (and Marriage) Meaningful

I’m on a mission to help couples thrive during their engagement and learn how to build an emotionally fulfilling marriage. That’s why I’m busy creating a new format Couple Visioning Box™ with couple dates and tools and playful items. It will suit engaged couples, as well as newly married couples who want to cultivate a healthier emotional bond.

Here’s why I believe the Couple Visioning Box is so relevant in these times.

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The original intent of engagement was to focus on getting to know each other at a deeper level and building the foundation for a lasting relationship.

Sadly, today we live in a society that treats engagement and the lead up to the wedding as though the Bride and Groom are the stars of a fairy tale.  It’s become a time of what I call ‘romanticized consumption.’ The result is that there is very little, if any, discussion about what happens after the wedding.

If you are a couple who already lives together, you may think you know everything about each other and that there’s nothing to discuss. But I’m willing to bet that you don’t and there is! There can be many things you have never thought to talk about.

Don’t get blindsided. Talking about things, getting clear on your values, hopes and dreams, doesn’t mean that if you disagree you walk away. It just gives you more information about each other. And it increases your ability to cultivate love and harmony after the wedding day is over. Wouldn’t it be nice to start out on strong footing?

I’ve been blessed to collaborate with many couples over the years as their Wedding Celebrant. Because of the deeply reflective process that I use, we get to know each other pretty darned well.  Most stay in touch and many ask me for advice and guidance around making a stronger and more conscious marriage.

Their experiences, combined with my own doing lots of couple-building therapy with my fab husband Dan, inspired me to create a Couple Visioning Box™. My goal is to help engaged and newly married couples thrive in relationships of joy and intention.

The box is filled to the brim with tips, tasks, and tools (and some fun treats) to nourish your emotional connection with each other. A strong emotional bond is what will hold you together in the long term, not the size of your dessert table!

The boxes will be ready to post in June. If you want to be put on the pre-order list, email

The first 44 readers to sign up for the new box receive it for just $95 (regularly $175). Please note this code in the subject of your email: MCMD12.


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