The Happiest Day Ever | Our Wedding Day

The other day I came across these words from one of my brides.  Reminds me of how ceremony makes emotional memories and why I love being a Celebrant.  Felt like skipping when i read this again!

Dear Michele,

Todd and I had the happiest day ever on our wedding day and we thank you very much for your huge and fabulous role in this. The wedding ceremony you created for us was beautiful and very special for us. We loved it in writing, but experiencing it in person was absolutely incredible. “Present with each other” is exactly how we both felt, and that’s the way we describe our feelings during the ceremony to each other and to others. It was totally easy and natural from the first step down the “aisle” for me to just be right there, fully experiencing the ceremony of our marriage!

We also loved your words to us during the ceremony about the sound of the ocean. It was the most beautiful day we could have imagined in terms of weather and in terms of everything else – and the setting (view, sounds and environment generally) certainly helped to create that special feeling that we and our family and friends experienced. Thank you for bringing that sense of ‘presentness’ into our ceremony.

Your voice was perfect – well-paced, calm and clear, with a joyous tone. Of course, it was the perfect voice to narrate the spectacular wedding ceremony you made for us. And everyone absolutely loved the ceremony and you!! Many mentioned how great you were – from our wedding party and parents who attended the rehearsal to the guests at the wedding ceremony. They loved the personal nature of the ceremony, the lack of traditionally used words, and the calm and happy way that you spoke and how you created an atmosphere of joy for us and our family and friends. We heard from many people that they felt you just have a “way” – a presence that is so pleasant and lovely for a wedding ceremony and for speaking with people generally.

You really brought our wedding together – literally, of course, in the sense that you married us, but also in terms of bringing us and all of our guests together in a unique, unforgettable way. Our ceremony with you was the perfect setting and foundation for a fantastic, joy-filled and truly special wedding reception, and certainly a beautiful beginning to our marriage. “Happy” was how many people described how we seemed during the ceremony and reception and this is absolutely true – our constant smiles were 100% genuine!

As well, thank you so much for your work and help at the rehearsal, getting us totally coordinated and comfortable with the order of things. You were fabulously organized but at the same time, so relaxed and natural, encouraging us and the rest of the wedding party (and observers!) to feel the same way. Our parents just adored you and our wedding party felt that the rehearsal was really valuable in understanding what we would actually be doing up there on the day! I know that our photographer and planner really enjoyed working with you too, and it was amazing for me to see you all together and to really appreciate just how much work (and heart!) you all put into creating this magnificent day for us.

Thank you again, Michele. You really made our special day!

Rebecca and Todd

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