Tips for an Awesome Engagement

Sometimes I imagine that newly engaged couples hear a voice in their heads telling them to get their running shoes on for a race to book a venue, photographer, wedding celebrant / wedding officiant, caterer, planner… well, you know the drill. These things are important of course, but is most important is YOU and your hearts.

The excitement, romance, and emotional euphoria you feel in the early days of your engagement are feelings that are almost impossible to recapture once you immerse yourselves in planning the logistics of your wedding. It’s a rare and special time, never to be repeated.  My advice — Give yourselves a few weeks and then begin the process of planning. Remember that the original intent of engagement was to focus on getting to know each other at a deeper level and building the foundation for a lasting marriage.

A big part of an awesome engagement is enjoying simple sweet moments together. These do not have to cost a lot.  Here are some ideas to consider.

  • Make a list of $10 dates (yep, use your imagination)
  • Create a CD with music your partner likes
  • When your partner comes home from work make them a cup of tea or pour them a glass of wine while you make dinner
  • Write and hide simple love notes
  • Bring flowers for absolutely no reason and put them on your partner’s bedside table.
  • Pour your partner a bubble bath complete with candles and maybe champagne.
  • Read poetry or erotica aloud to each other
  • Pack a picnic and surprise your partner with a novel location.

I tell all my couples to step back and focus on truly savouring this special time. I love how often they tell me they paid attention to this advice and how important it was to them.


Celebrant Michele Davidson

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