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In October an intimate group of eight gathered to celebrate what two loving women had created together.  A relationship that is solid and supportive, fulfilling and spontaneous.  Romantic.  Happy. Contented. Margaret and Jane.

From Australia, where same sex unions (still) are not recognized, they decided to get married in Vancouver and via the magic of the Internet, found me!  Using Skype and reflective process I created a wedding ceremony to celebrate Margaret and Jane’s many years together.  A walk down memory lane was the theme, because they have SO many amazing memories.

The day much anticipated on both sides of the Pacific Ocean had arrived. At a swanky downtown Vancouver hotel, the couple along with their two dear friends from Victoria and I, were joined by the concierge – who came in on his day off bringing with him a cellist AND hors d’oeuvres –  and of course their photographer.

I began by taking a moment to include in our circle Jane’s sister Jenny and Margaret’s brother John.  Sadly, both had passed away. They were wonderful examples of unconditional love and what it means to be accepting and supportive. Beloved siblings and very much missed.

And then the memories… A certain ski trip to Mount Washington, the first and only time they sort-of skied together. Triathlons trained for and successfully swum, run, and biked… marathons… a wine barrel filled with the corks of many amazing bottles of wine they’ve savoured over the years… amazing journeys taken…Christmases….soul quenching food, wine, and people-watching in Italy… picnics from Sydney to St. Andrews Scotland…the achievements of life long dreams…and Jazzy the little blue car. Toot toot.

Turning the story to the future they dream of…A future where they will wake up next to each other each and every day. A life full of spontaneity, adventures, and challenge. Where Margaret and Jane will love and support each other, laugh and are happier than they ever thought possible. Giving and receiving… listening and caring… supporting and encouraging… and always believing in one another.

Loving laughter and tears all around grounded Margaret and Jane for the part of the ceremony that made them a married couple. A longed for moment. Now it was here. We were all incredibly moved by the significance of this.

Jane and Margaret spoke to each other so tenderly as they made the vows that bound them together in a new way.  I worked with them individually to create their vows so these would be a surprise for one another.  This is one of the parts of the ceremony creation that I treasure.  Vows for many people express the deepest yearnings of their hearts… who they want to be and how they want to love.  It is always an honour for me to be invited in to this potent alchemy of intention and emotion.

We all cried!!! Lots! People, formerly strangers to one another, made friends by our collective human desire to be lifted up by love.

Hey Australia — LOVE IS LOVE.

Celebrant Michele Davidson, Principal Modern Celebrant

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