Wedding Celebrant and Mother of the Groom

Motherhood has been an enduring thread in my life for over 34 years.  It has offered me an experience of love that transcends anything that I ever would have thought possible.  Celebrancy is a gift that has been in my life for almost six years.  As I’ve worked with couples to create ceremonies that are unique to them and the quality of their love for each other, it has expanded my awareness of the endless complexity and variety of the human emotion we call love.

So it was an amazing opportunity – as a Celebrant and a mother — to unite my son Blake in marriage with Jane, the love of his life.

Jane and Blake share a zest for life that leads them to many adventures, together and apart.  Their time together is rich in material for storytelling, the very essence of a Celebrant-led wedding.  Even though I have known Blake for his entire life, I learned a lot about the man has become; his values, his beliefs and his aspirations to be a good husband and father.  I also had a marvelous opportunity to learn more about Jane; her past, her present, and the depth of her love for this man.

Out of all the places in the world that they have visited, Jane and Blake chose to get married at Alexander Falls, near Whistler, BC.  The wedding was outside in early December.  The timing and location was a reflection of the way in which they want to live their lives – in the outdoors, regardless of the weather, with incredibly fresh air and the beauty of nature all around.

It was a cold day, but the hearts of family and friends were warm with love and support for Blake and Jane.  I had the unexpected joy of walking to the ceremonial space on the arm of my son, where together we waited for his gorgeous bride.  As she arrived, a vision in her white wedding dress and snow boots, carrying a huge bouquet of red roses, I glanced at my son.  His eyes were only for her, and they had not one trace of doubt about the threshold that they were about to cross together.  Jane was the same, and later revealed the depth of her emotion when reading the heartfelt vows that she had written.

In creating and offering this singular wedding ceremony, my role as a mother enriched my role as a Celebrant; the past met the future; the professional interfaced with the personal. It is occasions such as this, when the rich threads of intellect, passion and history intersect, that create beauty and texture in the tapestry of life.

I was blessed to have had this rare opportunity.   (And no, I didn’t cry!)

Janis Horne, Celebrant and Mother of the Groom


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