Wedding Proposal as part of the Wedding Ceremony

I L-O-V-E hearing my couples’ wedding proposal stories.  And Ben’s proposal was one of the funniest I’ve ever heard. No surprise really, as they themselves are so full of joy (as you can see from this photo from their wedding ceremony!)

Here’s my narrative from the wedding:

“The proposal was a highly clandestine operation involving a large supporting cast who played their parts so well, the Bride-to-be was certainly the last to know.  There was a fake makeup artistry contest orchestrated by the groom’s sister, covert flower delivery and candle arranging by family matriarchs, a great deal of frantic texting, a quick man-styling followed by a mad dash in an accomplice’s car to get sort-of into place at the Lonsdale quay before the unsuspecting beauty’s arrival.

I say ‘sort-of’ because really, there was nowhere to hide. And so crouching on the ground was a big bear of a man in a darn good suit, trying in vain to hide behind an umbrella, despite the fact it wasn’t raining.  Down the path came our heroine, a perfectly made up woman who screamed at the top of her lungs when the man lurking behind the umbrella suddenly popped up as she passed. That of course was Ben and a very startled Julia. A friend took photos that will be treasured forever as Ben dropped to one knee and said many lovely romantic words.”

Julia’s answer of course was ‘Yes’, and I am SO glad because I got to be their Wedding Celebrant…to tell their story and guide this love and laughter filled ceremony. Full of moments light and significant.  And yep – the guests officially loved it too!!!  Check out the parents’ faces below.

Photos taken by my pals Holly and Roger from Union Photographers. Hopelessly devoted to them, I am :-)

With heart,

Celebrant Michele Davidson



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