What Makes us Different

Founding Celebrant Michele Davidson’s vision has always been that Modern Celebrant NEVER does ceremonies that are devoid of meaning and strictly for legal purposes. Michele was the first professionally certified Celebrant to set up a ceremonial practice in Canada and one of the first Interfaith Wedding Officiants offer reflective spiritual wedding ceremonies individually written for each couple.  Highly regarded for her craft, Michele was honoured to receive Best Wedding Officiant Award at the BC Wedding Awards for one of her same-sex interfaith wedding ceremonies.  We work to the highest of standards, with a huge focus on preparing our couples emotionally for marriage.

Whether it’s in the readings we suggest, the rituals we research and design for you based on your cultural or faith backgrounds, the stories we share, or how we engage your family and friends in the experience — All of it, every word, written for you. And we are NEVER boring! Guaranteed.

Reflection is a huge part of what we offer our couples. Amidst the planning, cake tastings, floral decisions… we offer our couples a chance to unfold their memories, stories, and experiences. Together and individually. Then we weave these into their wedding ceremony so it is imbued with their personalities and backgrounds. Every couple is different and their wedding ceremony should be too. Like everything else on their wedding day, the wedding ceremony should be an expression of who they are, where they came from, and who they hope to be. This is our passion!

The storytelling part of our ceremonies is huge. We believe that time-honoured traditions and rituals alone are not enough.  Tradition only becomes potent when met with personal narrative.  A ritual without grounding in the story of the couple is, well, just a pretty visual. The heart of an extraordinary and memorable and enduring ceremony is your story.  We are story gatherers and story tellers.  That is why ever ceremony is totally different.

And yes, we want to meet with you! Ideally in-person, but with our distance couples we find Skype can work nearly as well. We offer all our clients a relaxed consultation and/or interview. We listen deeply to you, drawing out the most compelling threads of the experiences and feelings you share. Our gift as ceremonial writers and storytellers is to weave your words and feelings into the tapestry that will be your ceremony. And to present your ceremony in a way that not only captures the heart and mind, but also enthralls.

— Celebrant Michele Davidson



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