Who’s our Cup of Tea?

I had a whole bunch of fun today thinking about who our couples are.  For sure, they are all completely unique and yet, very aligned.  The women and men drawn to Modern Celebrant are incredibly thoughtful people who move through the world in similar ways.  I guess you could say they are our tribe and we are theirs!  Or, as I like to say, ‘our cup of tea’!

Here’s what I came up with —

Modern Celebrant couples are intuitive, insightful people who know marriage is not a fairy tale. Marriage and their wedding day is about them as a Couple, whether that’s a bride and groom, two brides, or two grooms. (Bridezillas and Groomzillas never seem to come our way, thank goodness.)

Couples who:

  • See the ceremony as an expression of themselves, as much or even more so than the other elements of their wedding day.
  • Could no more imagine having a random wedding ceremony officiated by someone they’d never met, than they could having that person choose their décor, food, and wine!
  • Understand the power of storytelling and know that an awesome ceremony means an awesome reception!
  • Appreciate introspection and know how to do it. And see the enormous value of making time to reflect on their journey as part of their wedding planning.
  • Describe themselves as casual, thoughtful and unpretentious.
  • Have strong liberal values and major integrity.
  • Are innovators and early adopters. People who lead trends – not follow them –  if they even care about trends at all.
  • Have been together 4 – 10 years… They have a journey and story they want share with family and friends.
  • Are generally 26+
  • Are well travelled, well educated and adventurous.
  • May be of different cultural or faith backgrounds and want the ceremony to reflect these. Often with conflicting family pressures. Don’t worry — we’ve had tons of experience with this. Bring it on!

If you see yourself here, I’d LOVE to start a conversation about your big day.  You can find me at 604-992-4217 or at michele@moderncelebrant.ca.

Celebrant Michele Davidson, Modern Celebrant

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