Why do people love wedding ceremonies?

I believe it’s because each wedding ceremony gives us the chance to reflect on what is truly important in life. And to celebrate that, even in these times where so much is shifting, marriage endures. Marriage endures. Why is that?

It is because marriage is whatever life is, except that the mountains are higher, the valleys deeper, the sunlight brighter and the storms more intense.

When two people’s hearts are open to each other, truly open, they experience a depth of feeling and a richness of emotion far beyond what was previously known to them. Marriage is a mystery, a brave promise, and rather like a secret society of two with its own rituals and language and private jokes.

One of my couples — Fraser and Parris — sure have their own special rituals, language, and codes… except that after their wedding ceremony these weren’t quite so secret anymore! They really wanted to share who they were with their people! And I LOVE working with couples like this.

Lots of emotion as they took their places under the Chuppah. As I spoke about the Chuppah being is a house of promises and a gathering place for hope and happy memories, I could see Parris and Fraser settling their hearts.   Open on all sides, the Chuppah symbolizes the importance of being part of the larger community. No doubt in my mind that Parris and Fraser’s marital home will always be a welcoming place for their family and friends.

These two have built a relationship grounded in passion and compatibility, trust and emotional intelligence, joy and laughter. Fraser and Parris are the fortunate couple that knows how give each other what they really need, without losing their own sense of self.

The most powerful gifts in their relationship are not things. They are a team. Complete equals. They trust one another’s integrity even when they disagree. They love unconditionally and can speak honestly without fear of judgment.

It is true that their personalities are a bit different. Well, quite different. Parris is a just a little (grin) Type A and likes to move on stuff STAT, while Fraser prefers to explore all options of a situation. It’s a great combo and no doubt why they make such good decisions together.

Their connection really flourishes just being together in the day-to-day rituals of life. Waking up together on Saturdays with no where to go… drinking coffee… sharing about work and life… slow dancing alone in their kitchen, with Fraser humming softly to Parris in his beautiful voice.  These are the simple unadorned moments that ground their love and give them time to pause amidst the busyness of life.

As for the secret society… I can’t share about that here. This was for their family and friends to know.

But I can’t resist one or two lines from the vows they wrote for each other…

“I promise to let you watch Alaskan Bush People and Life Below Zero and Yukon Men, so long as you don’t try and make me move there to become subsistence hunters.”     Now that’s a good one!!!

I just know that Parris and Fraser will always be that couple in the restaurant…smiling and laughing, engrossed in conversation, and never running out of things to say…. without a cell phone in sight.

Opening the window into the hearts of a couple like this is EXACTLY why we love weddings!!!

Wedding Celebrant Michele Davidson



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