Why we love our LGBT wedding couples

I love weddings. For me, it’s not about the clothes and the flowers and the catering; it’s that weddings are about connection. In our modern culture of instant gratification and rapid-fire technological change, it’s refreshing to see that two people are willing to risk making a durable, lifelong commitment to each other. And although it’s not often thought about, their wedding ceremony is also an opportunity for families and friends to come together in a new way as a result of their connection to the wedding couple.

Ultimately, it’s about our innate bond as humans, and our ongoing belief in the power of love as an expression of faith in the future. When do we ever honour that, other than at weddings?

Same sex weddings, gay weddings, LGBTQ weddings are all of this, and more. There is a distinct, underlying celebratory vibe about these wedding ceremonies that I adore. Although the millennial generation may take for granted the societal changes that have occurred [in some parts of the world], for many gay couples the opportunity to marry the person they love would have at one time been in the realm of pure fantasy. While growing up, even the notion of recognizing sexual preference would have been unthinkable, never mind attaining legal status as a married couple, with all of its attendant benefits (literally and figuratively). This is worth celebrating!

It seems to me that gay, same-sex, and LGBTQ couples are marrying for all of the right reasons. They want to publicly celebrate the love that they share. These weddings are particularly poignant because not everyone supports the idea. Gay couples often have to create their own notion of family. The upside is that this frees the couple from convention and so-called tradition, which results in some very FUN weddings. As a Wedding Officiant and professional Celebrant, it allows me the creative opportunity to offer our same sex clients a comfortable atmosphere of attentive listening and thoughtful reflection. From the information my couples share, I can weave a unique wedding ceremony that honours and respects their love.

If I can touch the hearts of any family members or guests who aren’t too sure about how they feel, if I can get them to shed even a tear or two; if I can create new memories and/or budge long-established belief systems, then maybe I will have helped to create change. And I am jazzed by that idea.

by Modern Celebrant Janis Horne


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