Engagement Tips: Now what?

“Reaproposal21dy set go!” Sometimes I imagine that newly engaged couples hear a voice in their heads telling them to get their running shoes on for a race to book a venue, photographers, officiant, caterer, planner… well, you know the drill.  These things are important of course, but most important is YOU. The excitement, romance, and emotional euphoria you feel in the early days of your engagement are feelings that are almost impossible to recapture once you get going on planning the logistics of your wedding. It’s a rare and special time, never to be repeated (one hopes) during the course of your life.

Want to hear my #1 advice to newly-engaged couples?  Here it is — take a couple of weeks to just enjoy BEING engaged!!!

Give yourselves a few weeks and then begin the process of planning. Remember that the original intent of engagement was to focus on getting to know each other at a deeper level and building the foundation for a lasting relationship. Please don’t make the mistake of reducing your engagement into merely a planning and logistics management exercise.

I love working with my couples to expand the emotional aspect of the months prior to their wedding. ( check out this FAB article. )

Over the next week I’ll be sharing a Daily reflection with ‘homework’ for couples on the path to marriage. We’ll focus on some FUN & JUICY ENGAGEMENT EXERCISES over the next few days. Don’t forget to tune in and please share with your own networks so we can elevate the engagement experience of as many couples as possible. That’s what friends do!

Happy New Year and Happy Engagement!

Michele Davidson, Master Celebrant

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