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A big part of a respectful loving engagement and marriage is enjoying simple lovely moments together. There are ways to nurture romance that require little time or money. In fact, it is most often the small gestures that we see as the true treasures in life, not the big and grand. A little ingenuity can go a long way to keeping your love alive and well. If you just got engaged, now is the time to practice making this a habit in your relationship.

For instance, Dan and I do “$10 dates” where one person has to figure out how to take the other on a cool date and spend just $10. We remember some of these dates more than fancy dinners out! Don’t let tight schedules keep you from being romantic. Get in the habit of making time NOW or you will begin to take each other for granted.


Make a list of ideas of what you could do for your partner. Don’t edit yourself. Use your creativity! Write down as many as you can. Make a goal of filling one entire page with ideas big and small, free, inexpensive and once-in-a-while treats. Stuck for ideas? Here are some to get you started.

  • Make a list of $10 dates (or $20 dollar )
  • Create a CD with music your partner likes.
  • When your partner comes home from work make them a cup of tea or pour them a glass of wine while you make dinner.
  • Write and hide simple love notes.
  • Bring flowers for absolutely no reason and put them on your partner’s bedside table.
  • Pour your partner a bubble bath complete with candles and maybe champagne.
  • Read poetry or erotica aloud to each other.

Sometimes I imagine that newly engaged couples hear a voice in their heads telling them to get their running shoes on for a race to book a venue, photographers, officiant, caterer, planner… well, you know the drill. These things are important of course, but most important is YOU and your hearts. The excitement, romance, and emotional euphoria you feel in the early days of your engagement are feelings that are almost impossible to recapture once you get going on planning the logistics of your wedding. It’s a rare and special time, never to be repeated (one hopes) during the course of your life.

Give yourselves a few weeks and then begin the process of planning. Remember that the original intent of engagement was to focus on getting to know each other at a deeper level and building the foundation for a lasting relationship. Please don’t make the mistake of reducing your engagement into merely a planning and logistics management exercise. This is very much a part of what we at Modern Celebrant bring to our couples — an opportunity to expand the emotional aspect of their relationship in the months prior to their wedding.
Vancouver and Whistler Wedding Officiant Michele Davidson and her Modern Celebrant team work with newly engaged couples to create transformational and totally custom wedding ceremonies. She helps couples expand their vision of their ceremony AND their engagement. It’s a one-in-a-lifetime… make it sing!!!



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