Every human story is a big story

Your story matters. It is a portrait of you. Richly layered and full of colour. Reflective of your heritage, your life experiences, and most of all your personality and values. And now you’re considering sharing your story with us.

We want you to know that no matter what is going on in your life (flurries of wedding planning, the tender trials of new parenthood, or gut wrenching loss) you don’t need to be perfect with us!  You see, it’s real stories about real people who are simultaneously perfect and imperfect that elevate the ceremonies we craft. So let us in to see the ways you sparkle, but also to glimpse the quirks that make you distinct. This is who we hope to meet. When you get real with us, we weave your thoughts and words and memories into a ceremonial experience that feels timeless and comfortable, yet exciting and fresh. Something you could never have imagined if we just asked you standard boring questions. You’ll experience moments not possible if we just asked you to show up. And in case you’re wondering… yes you edit the ceremony, so nothing is said that you don’t want to reveal.

Defining your experience

Every boring ceremony you’ve ever had to bear, dump them out of your mind!  Imagine instead a series of expansive totally engaged moments where you feel richly alive and present. You feel your experience. You are part of it. The doer, no the done to. A participant. The complete opposite to having a ceremony be something that just happens to you by someone who hardly knows you (if at all).  We live in an age of haste. When you work with Modern Celebrant, you’ll relish time slowed down so you can take in the big stuff that is happening to you, when it’s actually happening.

Your journey begins with a conversation

We’ll sit down together for your consultation. You can tell us about your vision for your ceremony. What you hope to feel and have happen. What needs to happen according to your values, culture, and faith. We’ll toss our ideas into the mix too. And then you’ll set out on a journey of discovery that is SO worth doing. If you are an aisle-bound couple or new parents, most of our ceremonial packages include self-guided experiences as well as time spent reflecting with us. This is a fun way to do some more visioning of your ceremony, and helps us to really ‘get’ you. And if you are a family in that surreal time following the death of someone you love, we’ll do all our reflective work together.  In the comfort of your own home, we’ll guide you to gather and unfold your memories and stories. No writing happens till your stories have been unpacked. And then, it’s our turn to create meaning for you. Every ceremony is written from scratch.  For and about you. When you read your ceremony for the first time, you’ll be gobsmacked at how we’ve woven YOU into every paragraph.

In our practiced hands, nuance resonates more than sweeping statements. Subtlety is timeless and so is the human longing for meaning.  You’ll LOVE your ceremony.